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Creating a fun and creative learning environment is at the top of the agenda for any educational establishment, but often the cost, installation time and disruption to classes for the solutions you need to provide your students with an inspirational space are out of reach.

Outdoor Play and Learning with Everblocks is an endless world of possibilities for creative, team and interactive and fun education. Let the kids build their own classroom divider walls, desks, chairs and play spaces with Everblocks inside our out

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Messaging the world with Everblocks Letters

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School Comments

“As a school we were eager to develop a quiet space within our Foundation Phase provision. Our continued provision curriculum took place in a large hall area where children from reception to year 2 all took part in various activities.

We were keen to create a partition where the children could enjoy quieter activities, focused activities and an area where children could go to access some sensory experiences. The Everblocks were excellent; not only do they look good within our hall but they also provide privacy and an extra space for learning. We were given clear instructions and the communication between Everblocks and the school was excellent. 

Our pupils thoroughly enjoy using our 'Lego Lounge'.”

Comments from Siwan Daffyd - Acting Head at Ysgol Pencae School, Wales

Classroom learning with Everblocks for endless possibilities for creative, team and interactive and fun education


Our modular building blocks can inspire young minds to create, construct and work together to invent new and original uses for their blocks.

Using collaboration, cooperation and communication, core skills can be developed during building projects for bridges, houses, furniture, and endless more creations! EverBlocks allow students to think in 3 dimensions, developing problem-solving skills, nurture organisational and planning skills while encouraging lateral thinking. 

We currently supply a
CLASSROOM PACK (352 pieces)
and a
PLAYGROUND PACK (668 pieces)
for schools to get started building, creating and learning

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EverBlocks offers the opportunity to give any classroom a fast and fun make-over that will give the wow factor to any room. Colourful, fun and practical, these modular building blocks are made of sturdy plastic that's robust enough to create safe, reliable weight-bearing structures while being light enough for students to lift. Also integrate team building into the schools activities with our individual blocks to create something amazing together.

Using our FREE 3D building tool, you can specify the exact width, height and cap for each block and choose from 15 colours, meaning that you can customise your original design and re-use the blocks again and again showing your students that the only limit is their imagination!

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