Room Dividers & Modular Walls


Use EverBlock® to reconfigure spaces, divide rooms and organize flow

The universality of the EverBlock system allows you to create all types of accent walls, portable room dividers, and modular walls, to re-shape spaces and change the look and feel of your room.  

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create a room divider in a loft space or kids bedroom, an office looking to install demountable walls, a factory looking to divide their space, a gym looking to provide a colorful and fun enclosure for a play or workout area, or a special event looking to divide tents or ballrooms in an elegant fashion, the versatility of EverBlock makes these types of projects a "snap". 

With EverBlock® you can make completely custom accent walls and room dividers that can vary in height, width, thickness, color, shape, or openings. Add semi-translucent blocks to allow light to enter or run LED lighting strips within the blocks to create illumination. 

Residential Walls and Room Dividers

EverBlock® is perfect for shared apartments, dorm rooms, basements, offices, and to divide spaces for commercial use such as for events, to section of construction areas, and a multitude of other applications. Instead of using clunky "bookcase walls" or "pressurized walls" that can damage your fixed walls, you can build beautiful EverBlock portable walls to separate living areas. 

EverBlocks install quickly and can be reconfigured as needed should your needs change.  You can start with a smaller wall and add blocks as needed to expand your wall at a later date.  Alternate block colors and sizes to create dramatic visual effects or use standard sized blocks in muted colors for a more traditional wall feel.  Leave openings for doors, windows, light, or air flow and build in shelving and other elements as needed.

Add simple accordion doors or standard doors to your walls for added privacy. Accordion door tracks connect to our standard 48" Lintel, creating a 36" doorway opening.

Create multiple rooms from one room, quickly, easily and with no dirt or debris. Install yourself easily and reposition, reconfigure, and remove and move to another location as needed.

Office Dividers and Factory Walls

Use EverBlock® to create beautiful office and factory dividers that add an architectural element that contributes to the spirit of innovation. 

Separate spaces with style and bring boring spaces to life in a way that contributes to a dynamic corporate culture and work environment. EverBlock wall panels are attractive, help with sound, and are stable and durable. 

Use EverBlock to delineate offices, separate work areas, surround desks, create conference rooms, divide event spaces, and build out a short term offices.  Build cubicle walls, privacy screens, and temporary wall panels for all types of uses. 

Reconfigure walls as needed, move and change size and shape, and re-purpose into all types of other objects - from desks, to seating, and from cubicles, to decor.