Building Techniques


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Varying Block Type, Lug Spacing and Block Direction

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Reinforcing And Strengthening Your Object

Stagger blocks

To stagger the blocks make sure to space them out so that the vertical seam lines are not aligned. This will increase the strength of your object in the same way masons utilise this technique to strengthen walls. This method can be used when creating longer objects or taller walls that need to withstand wind, lateral pressure, or support roofs or other objects.

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Use support rods or dowels

Depending on the size, application, or type of object you are building, it may be necessary to re-enforce your object for additional stability. You can also use 1/2" rebar, wooden dowels, or PVC rod or tubing to provide added strength. Your safety is our priority so please be sure to stabilise your wall or creation properly.

Adding Shelves, Desktops and Lintels

The EverBlock system features engineered shelves, desktops, and lintel pieces that slot neatly onto your creations, enabling you to create complex furniture units, displays, and works spaces as well as facilitate the building of doorways, windows, and other openings that require blocks to be placed above the opening.

Finishing The Top Of Your Objects

To create a more finished look for your object, we have created finishing pieces that are smooth topped pieces that snap to the top of your object. Simply nest EverBlock finishing caps on top of the connector lugs of the blocks below to create a clean, smooth top surface.

Disassembling The Blocks

To disassemble modules hold the lower block while pulling up on the upper block. This will dis-engage the pressure fit. Start from the top most row of blocks and move downwards.  

A flat head screwdriver is useful and will speed and facilitate separation of blocks, simply insert the flat head screwdriver between upper and lower blocks and rotate to provide leverage for separation. 

Depending on the stagger pattern used in the construction of the object, it may be necessary to remove adjacent blocks to reach and remove a specific target block on a lower row. 

Stack disassembled blocks neatly for later use and nest where possible to protect connector lugs.