Three Ways to Use EverBlocks in The Office

The ongoing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been challenging. Fortunately, since September onwards, we have seen businesses slowly start to bounce back and open again as well as schools and offices open again. Is your school, office, or department prepared for the new normal when it comes to re-opening post Pandemic? EverBlocks are being used by a number of businesses around the world to rapidly covert spaces for additional classrooms, offices, working areas for social distancing. Here are three ways you can utilise our innovative product.

Social distancing screens and walls

If you are worried about crowding in a small space, you can use our products to install modular office walls, cubicle dividers and even warehouse partitions at ease. EverBlock was one of the first companies to provide such protection at temporarily hospital facilities and COVID-19 test sites. If it’s safe enough there, it’s enough for your public building!

Utilise your desk area

One thing we have seen many report is the need to change and rethink their desk space. Our modular building system is quick and easy to build nearly anything, by stacking and organising the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern, or size. Whether it’s back at your regular office or at your makeshift home office, you can definitely use our blocks to make the most of your working environment. You can use our Big Lego EverBlocks for storage or dividers.

Dividing walls

Sharing a common area or working space isn’t always easy in the best of times, and it’s definitely a lot harder for some of us now! Again, our big Lego Everblocks are great for this. Carve out your own space and privacy using a range of fun and colourful dividing blocks.

The possibilities are endless!

For more information on EverBlocks, design ideas or our 3D design space, visit our website or enquire by calling 02037959090