Three Uses of EverBlocks During the Pandemic

A lot has changed in the last month. The impact of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has been even more challenging as many of us are facing changes again now we are in a second lockdown for the month. EverBlock is being used by a number of businesses around the world to rapidly covert spaces for additional classrooms, offices, and more. Here are three ways you can utilise our innovative product during the pandemic.

Divider walls

So, you’re back working from home and sharing your space with other members of the household. If you struggled last lockdown to divide up a room and adapt, now is a great time to think about added the EverBlock system to your household. Many use our products to install modular office walls and you can definitely use it to adapt your home too.

Wipe clean modular furniture

One of the best things about EverBlocks is the fact you can build virtually anything. Thanks to our life-sized modular technology, the possibilities are truly endless. We are proud to say that our products are used by schools, colleges, corporate offices, businesses, clinics, warehouses and public buildings around the world. If you’re worried about germs and ease of cleaning, you can build your own furniture which will be easier to disinfect daily.


Whether you agree or not, schools are to remain open in the meantime. One way to ensure your classrooms are safe for your both your staff and pupils is by installing the EverBlock System. You can implement divider walls, desk accessories, or social distancing markers. EverBlock was one of the first companies to provide modular wall panels and building blocks for COVID-19 test sites, temporary hospital facilities and tented facilities use for coronavirus relief efforts. We have aided many during this crisis and would be a welcome addition to any classroom facing the ‘new normal’.

No matter the problem, there is usually a solution to adapting old spaces for new uses with Everblocks!