EverPanel Wall System


EverPanel is a unique, patent pending, modular wall panel system that allows you to quickly and economically divide spaces, create rooms, and define areas. Create demountable walls, rooms, and dividers for offices and residential spaces, or use EverPanel to build portable backdrops, trade show booths, exhibits, retail displays, art display walls, gallery walls, theatrical or film sets or event dividers.

The EverPanel instant wall system is flexible, allowing you to build all types of floor plans. Quickly build offices, bedrooms, conference rooms, or any other space required, using a series of lightweight, durable panels that connect with adjacent panels using a proprietary lug and connector system.

Different size and shaped panels can be combined and connected to build permanent or temporary walls that meet a space’s specific needs. Colored accents can be added for dramatic effect and to delineate areas and provide architectural interest. You can even adhere standard adhesive backed wallpaper to your walls, to customize your room and add specialized patterns and custom colors.

To see our new Everpanel range - CLICK HERE Please be aware that our new Everpanel range will only be available from Spring 2020

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Install EverPanel modular walls permanently or use for temporary room dividers, demountable modular offices, or single use event applications.

EverPanel walls can be dismantled, moved to another location, re-built and reconfigured as your needs change.