Yes - we BUY BACK your blocks, Flooring, Panels!

In keeping with the "Sustainability through Reuse" theme we will buy back you used Everblock products to re-use & re-purpose

Reuse and Recycle with Everblocks

Everblocks UK have always offered the chance to buy a product that is all about re-using, re-purposing and re-configuring.

We now offer a buy back service so blocks and flooring can be reused by somebody else entirely who buys them second hand.

If we repurchase them from you we either add them to our second hand stock for sales to home owners, charities and smaller organisations,
add them to our Rental & Hire stock to be used again and again for different events, shows, exhibitions and services.

3 easy steps 1, 2, 3

1. Contact us

Simply contact us and provide us with the quantity of blocks you have in the various sizes. Also, please give us an indication of the condition of the blocks.

In addition we need the collection address and any access issues we will need to know ( e.g 1st floor, 200meter  walk!)

We only use 1 man and a van couriers to do this.

2. We give you the Offer Price

Once we have the itinerary of blocks or flooring, and the quantity per size,  we consult our Buy Back price list and calculate the total price based on its condition. We also have to collect the blocks and return to our stores for cleaning, so the collection price is based on your collection address and access to pick up.

We will then offer you your Buy Back price for you.

3. We Collect and Pay

Once you accept the offer we simply arrange collection at a convenient time using our dedicated man & van service.
On safe receipt of the items we will book them in, asses and contact you to arrange payment in accord with our offer or any discrepancies.

The blocks will them be put back into the systems for either used products or fro Hire and Rental.

We are Sustainable!

We have both played our part to help this planet Reuse  products multiple times by up-cycling, re-using and  re-purposing. 

Start buy contacting us