Three Ways EverBlock Systems Can Elevate Your Event

  With the promise of an effective vaccine and the lockdowns being lifted soon, many businesses are anticipating busier summer events and trade shows. This means that there will be an increased need for effective event set-up solutions that can set your brand apart from the competition. Modular blocks have been particularly popular as they can be easily transported in pieces and built at the venue – and are quick and easy to install and change. EverBlock Systems building blocks, flooring, partitions, and modular furniture are sustainable and innovative products which can be quickly sourced, branded and personalised and are flexible enough for re-use!

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways that EverBlock Systems can take your event to the next level:

Flooring- setting up a successful event takes planning and a solid foundation. Why not make that foundation high quality flooring from EverBlock Systems. EverBlock Systems’ Everbase is a versatile flooring solution that can be used for fairs, events, shows, beer festivals, sporting events, music events, etc. In fact, anywhere you have a flat, sturdy surface, you can install easy to fit flooring from EverBlock Systems. It is important to choose a modular flooring solution that ensures faster build times. The design process should be simple and linear. EverBase is favoured by many wedding and event venues as a quick and efficient way to offer people more choice in their flooring.

Environmentally Friendly Partitions- if you are looking to show off your sustainable business and its small environmental footprint, it is preferable to choose partitions made of recycled or recyclable material. Because EverBlock Systems ever panels are made with precision manufacturing processes, there is minimal waste in both production and installation and the high quality of the blocks allows them to look good as new years from now, making them perfect for re-use and our buy back scheme. High quality dividers, cubicles, and partitions allow for precise and smooth installation. Well-designed partitions can be twice as fast to build, compared to traditional process. This modular wall building process can be combined with various other innovative methods to further speed up the design process.

Flexibility With Modular Furniture- just like LEGO, EverBlock Systems modular building blocks and modular furniture enable event professionals, business owners and designers to use an endless number of ideas. They can virtually create any design layout to meet any functional needs and budget limitations. This method works well in making the most of a smaller event space. With this, proper design, safety, and comfort of the space can be ensured.

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