Three Home Uses for Big Lego

In 2020 we have spent more time at home than any other year – for lots of us our homes have had to be more adaptable than ever, posing as our offices, our school rooms, our gyms and our sanctuaries. They’ve had a lot to answer for! That’s why we wanted to help and highlight the many home solutions where our big Lego, Everblocks, can assist!

Dividing Walls

We all know how children can get as they grow older – sharing a bedroom or a common area becomes more difficult and they often wrestle for their own space and privacy. Building real dividing walls is costly and can sometimes even require planning permission – and they might change their minds in a moment! Our big Lego Everblocks are frequently bought and used to create fun and colourful dividing walls in children’s shared bedrooms. They are fun to design and build, provide a quick solution and can be adapted, moved and changed easily!


Home Office

According to statistics by ONS, around 8% of people worked from home pre-coronavirus compared to 49% at the moment. That’s a whole lot of people who suddenly need to create some peace and quiet and a productive workspace! It’s been a big adjustment for families, especially as children do not always understand when they’re crossing the invisible line from family dining room to mum and dad’s new office! Big Lego Everblocks can contribute to a peaceful and functional home office by providing divider walls, tables, storage and desks. Again, the best part is that they are strong and sturdy and practical for as long as they need to be but can easily be taken apart and made into something else when the time comes!



Fun Creations

Of course, perhaps the number one adjustment for families has been having to spend so much time at home. Finding new things to do to team build with the family and keep them occupied, active and having fun can be challenging. Big Lego Everblocks provides a lot of fun, imagination and creativity! From fun furniture designs to your favourite characters, the sky is the limit with Everblocks! Lots of families have been challenging their family to go head to head in building challenges and competitions!

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