About Everblock Modular Flooring


Durable, colourful and easy to install – that’s Everblock modular flooring!

Everblock modular flooring systems are specially manufactured to create a reliant floor surface for a wide range of applications. From dancefloors, exhibitions and marquee flooring to resilient floor coverings for garages, turf protection and even ice rink coverings, if it’s flat, Everblocks can cover it!


A totally integrated modular flooring system


Manufactured using a similar process to our standard Everblocks, these flat modular flooring pieces fit together perfectly to provide exceptionally hardwearing floor coverings that interlock meaning no unwanted movement or gaps.

Available in a wide range of finishes including a hardwood look, drainage tiles, solid top tiles and access mats for industrial access applications, there's no limit to the uses that Everblock modular floor tiles can have.

Here’s a few examples of where Everblock modular flooring systems have been put to use:

·         Tent Floors

·         Exhibit Floors

·         Ice Arena Covers

·         Access Flooring

·         Garage Floors

·         Basement Flooring

·         Event Floors

·         Dance Floors

·         Stadium Turf Protection

·         Ground Protection Mats

·         EverBlock® Base Flooring

·         Raised Flooring and Risers

The very latest in TEMPORARY modular flooring technology


With a strong focus on structural integrity and strength, Everblock modular flooring systems incorporate the most resilient materials and aesthetic trends to create a wide range of flooring solutions that look great and are made to last.

Completely waterproof and using high-impact Polypropylene co-polymer that contains UV inhibitors for outdoor protection in direct sunlight, all Everblock flooring systems are chemical resistant and easy to clean, making them the perfect solution for industry, outdoor events or areas where a high footfall is expected.

Quick to install and easy to remove


The time-saving capabilities of our Everblock flooring systems cannot be understated, as they can be easily and quickly installed thanks to its unique click-connect locking system to provide a secure surface that's ready and safe to use in minutes.

When it comes to removing your Everblock flooring system, it’s a simple as lifting each piece upwards ready to store away on a compact pallet until the next use

Ideal for raised surfaces


From raised seating to podiums and stages, there are so many ways that our Everblock modular flooring systems can be used to create raised sections for a multitude of uses.

All of our flooring systems can be combined with our standard Everblocks with a strong interlocking feature to create a sturdy sub-structure capable of withstanding impressive weights, and that can add a pop of colour to any event or application.

Integrated cable channels for power leads

cabling under floor2.jpg

All Everblock modular flooring systems come complete with integrated drainage and cable channels, so you won’t need to worry about unsightly wires or trip hazards.

For a really striking floor surface, select from our range of translucent modular floor tiles that can be combined with LED lighting, ideal for sparkling dancefloors or exhibition spaces with that wow factor.