Imagine a building block system that helps you build thousands of objects

EverBlock UK Full Block

EverBlock is a unique modular building system consisting of oversized plastic blocks and accessories that facilitate the construction of all types of objects.  

It's quick and easy to build nearly anything, by stacking and organizing the universal blocks in nearly any shape, pattern, or size.   

Anything you've constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects.  EverBlock modular nest easily, creating a stable and durable structural connection. Stagger parts as needed for additional strength and add reinforcement pins and rods for more structure applications. 

No tools are required to install or disassemble EverBlock sections and once disconnected, blocks can be neatly stacked, stored, and transported for future use. 

Expand your creations as needed and modify your designs on the fly.   Use color variation, block size, and block position to build amazing modular objects and building, then change them as your needs change. 

We offer a range of useful accessories such as shelving, desk tops, stabilizing feet, connector pins, and other items to enhance your creations. 

EverBlock is available in 6 block sizes and 15 standard colours

Mix and match colours for branding and marketing purposes and match logos, team and school colors, and decor themes.  Construct furniture, modular walls, props, decor, and displays that add excitement and creativity to any space and event. 

Modular FurniturE

Divider Walls

Modular Buildings

Team Building



Decor, Props, and Scenery

Educational Use

What Will You Build?

EverBlock is so versatile you can build:




Divider Walls

Exhibits and Displays


Modular Buildings

Shelving Units

Bars and Serving Stations

TV Stands

Plinths and Columns

Architectural Decor

......and so much more


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